Programmes - Non-choreographed - A Feast for the Senses

Daisy Vatalaro baroque cello
Helen Rogers harpsichord

An evening for cello and harpsichord only, from some of the first ever cello music to the glories of Bach and the Red Priest, Antonio Vivaldi.


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Giuseppe Maria Jacchini   INTERVAL
Cello sonata in C major    
Cello sonata in A minor   J.S. Bach
    Suite for unaccompanied cello in D minor
Domenico Gabrielli    
Ricercar in D (1689)   Baldassare Galuppi
Sonata in A major   Harpsichord sonata in Bb major
Michelangelo Rossi   J.S. Bach
Toccata for solo harpsichord   Sonata in G major for cello and obbligato harpsichord
Giovanni Battista Pergolesi    
Sinfonia for cello and continuo    
Antonio Vivaldi    
Sonata in A minor