Programmes - Non-choreographed - 'Sound thy loudest Trumpet Fame'

Philippa Hyde soprano
Tim Carleston trumpet
Daisy Vatalaro baroque cello
Helen Rogers harpsichord

Spirited, patriotic and exuberant music for the sparkling combination of soprano, trumpet and continuo. In this programme the typical baroque antithesis of love and war, characterized by the singer and trumpet, is explored alongside songs, cantatas and dazzling instrumental works from England and Italy.

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William Croft   INTERVAL
Song 'Sound thy loudest Trumpet Fame'    
    Alessandro Scarlatti
Henry Purcell   Aria 'Mio tesoro'
Song 'Amidst the shades'   Aria 'Faro la vendetta'
Song 'Celebrate this Festival'    
Song 'Sound the trumpet'   Giuseppe Sammartini
    Cello sonata No III in A minor
Johann Christoph Pepusch    
Cantata 'Alexis'   Alessandro Stradella
    Cantata 'Lontananza e gelosia'
Thomas Arne    
Harpsichord sonata No III in G major   John Blow
    Duet 'If I my Celia cou'd persuade'
Henry Purcell    
Song 'O Solitude'   Alessandro Melani
Song 'To Arms Heroick Prince'   Cantata 'All'armi pensieri'